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Could Quantum Computing Help Stave Off the Next Great Pandemic?

As we settle into month two of isolation in the world’s collective battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, one talking point you’ve undoubtedly heard time and again is that this won’t truly be over until there’s a vaccine. But the search for a vaccine is a complicated process that feels exceedingly abstract to most of us. Read More

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What does “Secure” really mean?

About the CA Security Council

The CA Security Council (CASC) is comprised of leading global Certificate Authorities that are committed to the exploration and promotion of best practices that advance trusted SSL deployment and CA operations as well as the security of the internet in general.

Identity is the foundation of secure transactions

99.5% of encrypted phishing websites don’t validate the organization owner. Knowing an organization’s Identity really matters!

Let’s be clear!

Support universal visual trust indicators across all browsers and bring Identity forward

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